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It's just dumb don't get this app

it's a trash

super funny and there is a button that says wee and a alarm and it's super annoying and the sound of a old Fashion game and not his voice

This is Crap

Got my hopes up.. Not cool.


Nuff said.

It's okay

I give it two stars, it works and while its not the right sons file, their trying. If it was the right sound file it definitely would not be free. So yeah not bad for free.


Stinky poo poo chose the word it stinksLAmE LAMe

Trap indeed

Trap indeed.


Not real sound file

Don't know why anyone was expecting the original sound.

If they used the original sound they could've gotten sued way easier, besides that's not the only sound on this app. In the end it's a pretty good deal.

Astounding work

I never fully understood what people meant about car wrecks... How they can be so morbidly horrible, but you can't pull yourself away from it. The "It's a Trap" button perfectly captures that feeling for you, the user, at your fingertips. I reccomend this app highly for its unique ability to harness and exploit our emotion before us. Bravo.

It's a trap

Great app😃


Read all the reviews so only downloaded it to see how stupid it is lol! GET IT only cuz its fun for like 3seconds

Not Akbar!

This is some dude from the Midwest saying "it's a tree-ap!" I can think of a dozen people off the top of my head who can do a better Akbar than this bozo. If you're reading this, you can do a better Akbar than this.

Epic Fail

Waste of time

It's a trap!

So bad even reddit wouldn't like it.


Bad attempt this one is. Much fear I sense in him.


I deleted it. Thats a minuet of my life I will never get back! It is poo.

Its a crap!

Its a trap! Not even ackbar


Not from the movie, sad attempt of someone trying to sound like the movie.

It's a trap!

Don't let it fool you. It is not a snippet from the movie. It's just someone doing a (very poor) impersonation of Ackbar. 0/5


Much like every other review. This app is terrible. 0 stars if I could.

SUKS. Do not download

Didn't even sound like admiral Akbar.


Jim Parsons did a better impersonation of Ackbar on Big Bang Theory than the guy who made this app! Your device might actually thank you for not downloading it!

Bantha Poodoo

This was crap!

Zero Stars

Crappy crap crap

Waste of time

It's not even a true recording of Admiral Ackbar.

It's a trap

Wat a fail it doesnt even sound like Admrial Akbar

Fcuk this is horrible!

I wish i could give Zero stars

This App is a trap

Not the real sound byte from ROTJ. Lame


Dumb...don't bother

It's a fake!!!!

Do I have to give it even one star??

It's a crap!

This app is the epitome of what it is to be a lame app don't waste your time. I'm sorry that it will now be forever in my list of apps and I'll never be rid of it!


I have to give it a star?

It is a trap

Not the admiral's voice

Don't waste ur time

Worst app ever Dnt waste ur time You will be very sorry if you get this app Didn't even get a small glint of a smile on my face Don't get this I warn you now


This is not Ackbar's voice. Don't EVER try to trick me like that again!

Awesome app!

Is everyone serious with their reviews? This app is hilarious in the same way that any deliciously irreverent humor is! This is waaaaaay funnier than the real clip with the stupid musical score behind it. The catfish is perfection, and it's free laughs. Have fun with it and lighten up.


It's a crap!

In love

The gravity to which this app has influenced my life is beyond measure. I love these sounds greater than life itself. Oh it's a trap! Yes say it again please! Bravo, bravo.

It's a trap!

Our cruisers can't repel failure of that magnitude!

It's a CRAP!

It's just some dude yelling, "It's a trap!" He's not even trying to sound like the Admiral. Definitely not worth the 15 seconds to download...

Just crap

Crap i say!


I should have read the reviews before downloading. I only dl'd it for the Akbar clip... And it's not even the real clip and doesn't sound remotely like it.


Not the real voice. :(


And the stupidest


Seriously, it is, do not buy.


Only four buttons. The rest cost. Don't download!! Even though it loads quick, don't fall for it! Super bad!!

Not real

It's not even the real sound clip, just a sad man yelling "it's a trap!"


Wasn't even the original sound from the Star Wars movie.



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